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Jacksonville custom countertops florida 22539757_943839065763575_3582736130840300256_n 350x230 - Jacksonville Jacksonville Jacksonville custom countertops florida 22539757_943839065763575_3582736130840300256_n 350x230 - Jacksonville
187146153_2004863022994502_4692981676497703064_n - Jacksonville Jacksonville 187146153_2004863022994502_4692981676497703064_n - Jacksonville
188916855_2004863056327832_3620389129539177538_n - Jacksonville Jacksonville 188916855_2004863056327832_3620389129539177538_n - Jacksonville
265691165_2168579496622853_2522674825287151337_n - Jacksonville Jacksonville 265691165_2168579496622853_2522674825287151337_n - Jacksonville
267141392_2168579473289522_6385240474400268868_n - Jacksonville Jacksonville 267141392_2168579473289522_6385240474400268868_n - Jacksonville
267382175_2168579529956183_6312779244979883677_n - Jacksonville Jacksonville 267382175_2168579529956183_6312779244979883677_n - Jacksonville
267481721_2168579303289539_1503762978289943093_n - Jacksonville Jacksonville 267481721_2168579303289539_1503762978289943093_n - Jacksonville
267751789_2168579356622867_1046182768931273818_n - Jacksonville Jacksonville 267751789_2168579356622867_1046182768931273818_n - Jacksonville
GraniteKitchenCountertopBrown - Jacksonville Jacksonville GraniteKitchenCountertopBrown - Jacksonville
GraniteKitchenCountertopCountry - Jacksonville Jacksonville GraniteKitchenCountertopCountry - Jacksonville
GraniteKitchenCountertopcountry2 - Jacksonville Jacksonville GraniteKitchenCountertopcountry2 - Jacksonville
GraniteKitchenCountertopDark - Jacksonville Jacksonville GraniteKitchenCountertopDark - Jacksonville
GraniteKitchenCountertopGreen - Jacksonville Jacksonville GraniteKitchenCountertopGreen - Jacksonville
GraniteKitchenCountertoptan - Jacksonville Jacksonville GraniteKitchenCountertoptan - Jacksonville
GraniteKitchenCountertopTransitional - Jacksonville Jacksonville GraniteKitchenCountertopTransitional - Jacksonville
GraniteKitchenCountertopWhite - Jacksonville Jacksonville GraniteKitchenCountertopWhite - Jacksonville

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Welcome to our collection of Premium Granites here in Jacksonville Florida at very affordable rates. 4,000+ kitchens installed since 2016 and counting!

Our Granites are a piece of nature's beauty. We handpick each and every slab for Quality and Perfection. Our brand of Granite's offer unique and vibrant colors, precision, thickness and amazing finish.

We are proud to call our slabs, the "Avigna Brand" as you have to see the color and quality to believe it.

We provide homeowners, contractors and architects a large choice of custom fabricated stone slabs for residential or commercial use. Our staff of experienced, professional and knowledgeable stone experts help you select products, estimate costs, work with you on design ideas and follow through with personalized project management. Granite is a natural product and contains concentrations of crystals, pits, veins and fissures (small hairline cracks) that are likely to be present in solutions of the slab(s) used to produce your counter tops. Conveniently Located at 3811 university blvd w Ste 16 ,18 Jacksonville, Florida 32346

100s of Granite, Marble and Quartz IN STOCK & ON SITE

Over 4,000 kitchens installed since 2016 and counting! See over 300+ Reviews for Custom Countertops in Jacksonville

Full Service Showroom & Fabrications Facility

3811 university blvd w Ste 16 ,18 Jacksonville, Florida 32346

3811 university blvd west Ste 16 ,18 Jacksonville, Florida 32217
M-F 9am - 5pm , Sat.10-2, closed on Sun. (904) 788-7625

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